Buy and sell with complete peace of mind

Melbourne Auto Works is an accredited RACV tester, giving our customers a more comprehensive inspection of their vehicle than the conventional mechanic’s test.

As opposed to a regular roadworthy inspection, the RACV Pre-Purchase and Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections we offer check your vehicle beyond simply ensuring it meets VicRoads’ standards.

Our RACV Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections will check the vehicle over for immediate mechanical faults, making it suitable for second-hand car buyers. The Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections will examine your vehicle in greater depth, finding less immediate problems that will eventually require repairs; this is best suited for vehicles just coming out of warranty. Both of these inspections also come with a 30-day mechanical guarantee for RACV members, the details for which you can find on the RACV website.

The inspection comes with a comprehensive and easy to read inspection report, breaking down potential vehicle issues into Observations (which don’t strictly require action at all), Early Attention issues (which require preventative repairs before they become more serious) and Immediate Attention issues (which require immediate repairs).

Finally, your report will finish with a simple Traffic Light Guide, which will either give you the green light to go ahead with a purchase or sale, or let you know whether hidden expenses might play a factor in the sale.

RACV Vehicle Inspections are a trusted and reputed service for drivers looking to buy or sell their vehicle, allowing a customer to enter into a sale with confidence. Contact us today to find out more about our vehicle inspections.

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